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Le Antiche Cantine Jacobini


Stemma Jacobini

Since the 1600’s, Jacobini wines have been known for their high quality and  exported worldwide.


References to our prize winning wines date back to the Grand Tour era, and esteemed clients such as the Imperial Court of Vienna would place orders of our “perfect and delicious wine”.  Our wines won gold, silver and bronze medals from international wine competitions, which include 1851 London, 1867 Paris, 1876 Philadelphia (USA) and 1892 Berlin.  

During WWII our production facilities were destroyed by bombing and two young brothers died in war related causes, leaving only a sister Margherita. Margherita joined forces with other local wine producers and became a founding member and main contributor of a winery cooperative which reached international recognition. 

In 2019, we started writing a new page in our history with our limited, organic, high quality vintage from Procanico grapes, continuing an heritage of producing beautiful wine.  

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